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Mondy is a seasoned freelance writer with a keen eye for detail.


She has ghost written a number of biographies and fiction publications


Prior to becoming a fulltime editor and writer Mondy was a Business Consultant where there is a great dependency on fluent, cohesive written, vocal and presentation skills.


The diversity of her recent client base is a testament to her flexibility, skill and understanding of the project at hand.


Her client base includes but is not limited to the following sectors: Legal; Financial; Security, Facilities, Construction; Sales & Marketing; Health, Academic, FMCG, Government, Not for Profit, IT etc.


Please feel free to contact Mondy to discuss your requirements and ideas


Customer Feedback


  • “Your imagination, style and guidance has made my memoirs qwerky and fun…thank you…"
  • "Your frankness was hard to swallow but it has certainly paid off when I reread my draft thank you"
  • "You are such a diplomat..."
  • "Thank you for helping me get the right look and feel for all the documents for my start up…. The time has really paid off"
  • "Thank you for all the information that you researched …. I know it was hard but it was so worth it .. I got the job!!"
  • "A very professional, yet personal service"
  • "You spent so much time with me are you sure you have other clients? Thank you!"
  • "Thank you thank you !!"
  • "And here I thought there was nothing more that could make my masterpiece unique…. Thank You"
  • "It got the thumbs up!!!!! Ta Again!"

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